Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Four ways to arrange a simple DIY centerpiece

One of the perks of our job is having a constant stream of flowers in and out of the studio, who wouldn't like that! This beautiful blue delphinium was leftover from a wedding last week, and we thought it was about time we showed you how easy it really is to create your own gorgeous arrangements. (Please excuse the photography, the lighting wasn't the best :-))

  Take a look below, which one do you like best?....

1. Ribbed glass jar with delphiniums

This gorgeous arrangement is as easy as choosing a simple vase and popping in a bunch of pretty flowers, no styling needed - rustic looks great! Rummage through your cupboard, or local  market for a range of interesting jars and vases. 

2. Cut crystal vases filled with blue Delphiniums
This one is all about the vessels, choose some gorgeous cut crystal vases of different sizes and add your flower/s of choice. Tip: groupings in odd numbers 3, 5, 7 etc look best! 

3. Fishbowl vase filled with blue Delphiniums and bear grass 
This is a very easy arrangement that looks beautiful when placed on top of a mirror tile and surrounded by candles. Wind some bear grass around the inside of the bowl and then add the delphiniums. It also looks great with floating flowers and candles!

4. Cylinder vase filled with blue Delphiniums and candle 
Submerged flowers look amazing and are a simple way of adding a splash of colour to your tables. Adding a floating candle on top finishes off the look.

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